Bildiri Gönderimi

Abstract Submission Deadline: October 24, 2021

* Submission Awards:
An award will be given to the winner of the first three papers in our congress.

Abstract Rules:

Abstracts should be written in Turkish and English.
The title should be 12 (bold) and the abstract should be written in Times New Roman font with 10.
In addition, for accepted papers to be added to the program, the congress registration fee must be paid by the specified date.
Authors who will present the paper must register as participants in the congress.
Corresponding author should include their abstracts in one of the presentation styles (Oral) specified in the system. The presentation method can be changed by the "Scientific Evaluation Board" according to the content of the paper by the evaluators.
The entire abstract should not exceed 450 words, excluding the title name, author's name, surname.
The names and addresses of the institutions where the authors work must be specified.
Abstracts should be structured as follows “introduction-Objectives”, “Materials-Methods”, “Results”, “Conclusions” and “Keywords”
The abstract should not include image and table.
All mandatory fields in the online system must be filled while submitting abstract.
The submission of abstracts can only be accepted via the online abstract system. Abstracts sent by e-mail or post will not be accepted.
Keep your confirmation messages at your email address after you send an abstract.
Abstracts are considered as oral presentation. Abstract as presentation is not accepted. An Author can present maximum 2 presentation as Presenter Author

Full Text Submission Rules;

Full text includes abstract, keywords (maximum five), introduction, method, findings, discussion and resources.
The main text includes introduction, method, findings and discussion and is limited to a maximum of 12 papers.
Full text submission is not an obligation, but optional.